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What Parents Should Be Aware of: END BULLYING GLOBALLY - Le Antonio's Foundation - Jamaica

At times parents can become engulfed in themselves, their troubles, their work and their lives in general, they loose focus of their own child/children's need. Some parents are so involved in other people's interests they don't even realize that their own child is suffering.  My question to parents out there is, "how close (parental bonding) are you with your child?" It is one thing to be a mother/father, it's another thing to be a parent. Do you as a parent love your child enough to have that closeness with them? Do you spend valued time to hear how they are feeling? Are you aware of their emotional needs or do you leave this for teachers at school to take care of? 

What you as a parent/s should be aware of it that you need to establish emotional closeness with your child/children so that they can open up and share their most sensitive thoughts with you. At times the thoughts may not be the very big one, but as a parent you should be a good listener. When you can listen to what your child is saying to you, it may surprise you how much is happening  with them, that at times needs only that moment  between you and them to know what is going on in their "world".

Be a good listener, take time out to converse with your children and ensure them that you are listening to what they are saying to you; your child should know that they are important to you. At times a child is being bullied and only good listening will reveal the underlining problem. Some children who are victims of bullying get so isolated in their own world, all they need is a listening ear. Don't think that because your child's eating habits has changed, they have become isolated, starts to wet their bed, and even begin to be isolated its all a part of growing up, other factors may be responsible for this change.

Your child should know that you not only say that you love them, but they should feel the love.  Let them know you trust them, talk with them about the topic of bullying, let them know its a criminal offence, and tell them to  always to tell you if at any point they feel they are being bullied. Your child should be told its not his fault they are being bullied. As a parent you have the responsibility of teaching your child all you can about the topic of bullying. Its your responsibility as a parent that they understand it.

On the other hand, may I ask, are you as a parent - a "bully" in the home?  Some parents are bullies and they don't even realize it. Children live what they learn. That is why I support Le Antonio's Foundation End Bullying Globally Initiatives in educating and enlightening everyone on the topic. As a result of childhood or present hardship some parents lack the social and psychological faculty to handle conflicts without violence and regrettably their children become the victims of their bullying behavior. If you as a parent is a bully or is bullying your child and you were not aware of it, there is hope for you to change this behavior, so that your child can be emancipated from the hurt and hardship you experience - it is in your power to break the life cycle of bullying. If you don't you run the risk of having a legacy of generational bullies, and a family tree of violence, crime and failed dreams.

What Will Your Legacy Be?

Think about it, if you beat your child consistently - they WILL get frustrated and become "hitters" - they can't beat you, so they will beat other children and later beat their spouses and other adults. If you are bullying them with your authority and calling them harmful names and isolating them, you should consider seeking urgent help, call Le Antonio's Foundation at 876- 353- 1389, we can help you. Its never too late to seek help but it could be too late when you loose custody of your child or loose their respect and love for you because of your action. Bullying is abusive, take care of them and never abuse them; as life has it, some mistakes are not easily corrected, they are the future. You will get old and need them, think about the seed that you are sowing - and reap happy, healthy children, who become intelligent, productive, loving, caring, forward acting adults.Think on these words and make a change in the life of the child you love so dearly. 

Happy Child - Happy Life - Happy Future - Happy Legacy!  

End Bullying Globally A Better Way – You Can’t Chase Me If I Don’t Run - by Nadine Barrett

Most times the persons that are being bullied feels like there is no way out of this situation. But the longer you allow yourselves to believe that, the longer these bullies will have power over you. It is time to take back that power! Unless you are willing to do that then you will forever be the victim.

The ability is within every individual to STAND UP and SPEAK UP for themselves and against injustice.Victims need to move away from the mindset that they are inferior, or that these bullies are in anyway superior to them. The mind is a powerful tool, so everyone should create within themselves the mindset of power and might. By so doing no one will be able to exert unnecessary power or influence over another.

I read an article earlier this year and it has resonated with me. The topic was YOU CAN’T CHASE ME IF I DON’T RUN. A child was being chased by another child whenever he saw her. She would complain to her mom about what was happening, the mother's response was “don’t run. He can’t chase you if you don’t run". So a person can only be bullied when they allow themselves to be. Stand up, speak up and SAY NO to bullying. As long as you are not running no one can chase you.

The sooner you realize that there is another or a better way and are willing to stand up and not run, then bullying will stop because the person who is chasing you will eventually stop as soon as they realize that you are no longer running. As long as you are willing to stand up and speak up the bullying will stop. It might not be immediate but eventually it will.

Is It Possible For a Teacher to Be a Bully ? Le Antonio's Foundation END BULLYING GLOBALLY

A teacher is someone who is enthusiastic about their profession and delights in sharing what they have learnt to their students. Teachers are persons of great influence in the lives of the children they are responsible for teaching. They help to lay a solid education and social foundation in our children's lives from the begin of a child's school years. Teachers are people that students look to both for direction and guidance in many different ways and on many different topics.

With such a high standing in the office of a teacher, I am here to ask every teacher reading this a few deep, heart-searching questions.  If you cant be honest with your students in your answers, at least be honest with conscience.  

Do you as a teacher do any of the following:

  • Call your students inappropriate names?
  • Push or slap the children under your care?
  • Do you insult the children under your care, both in public or in the presence of others?
  • Do you belittle them?  
  • Do you treat one child better than another?
  • Do you fail a child/children in your class because you don't like them?
  • Do you punish your student physically or mentally?

    The list is much longer than this one, but if you answer yes to any of the above, or if in any way you have demonstrated the behavior of a bully towards a child/children. I would like to remind you that it is abusive to do so, and Jamaica has laws that protect our children from abuse, you should revisit the reason why you became a teacher or a coach, and if you cannot abide by the natural and moral laws of not harming a child, you should change your profession.   

    Many teachers out there take their private problems to the classrooms. They are unhappy at home and innocent children pay the price for their poor home life problems. If you are one of who practice the behavior of bullying children, you need assistance in managing your life and, unfortunately, the classroom is not the place for you to seek assistance, seriously think about the life of the child that you could damage. If you would like to use the opportunity of your teaching career to benefit a child, but you are struggling with areas of bullying, please contact Le Antonio's Foundation - we will confidently refer you to the right assistance, but please do not continue to be the nightmares of innocent victims.  

    Remember, bullying is a criminal offence.  Please, for the sake of the youths....take a comprehensive inventory of your actions and the effect you have on the lives of the young person that you teach or coach. If the children's behavior is having a negative impact on how you view them or treat them, contact us (Le Antonio's Foundation) at 1 876 353 1389 we can help. 

    Friday, 11 March 2016

    End Bullying Campaign Goes to Hanover

    Montego Bay, Jamaica based Le Antonio's Foundation - End Bullying Globally Campaign - has extended its perimeters to the parish of Hanover. Our End Bullying Campaign team was invited to campaign in the public schools of Hanover - west Jamaica - by Mrs. Katrin Casserly, Chairman of the Hanover Charities, a supporter and donor to Le Antonio's Foundation.

    Mrs. Casserly arranged our education visit with our first school in the parish, on March 10, 2016 where we were welcomed by Mrs. Wright, principal of the Esher Primary School. We began our visit at Esher Primary School by holding our devotional exercise with the sixth (6) grade students. The students gathered for our introduction of the Foundation and overview of the End Bullying Campaign.

    Motivational  speaker Ann-Marie Graham met with both fourth (4) grades and sixth (6) grade students in their respective classroom, where she demonstrated our presentation on bullying and the effects it has on our youths today.

    Mr. Reid, Le'Antonio's Foundation's Youth Coordinator and Mrs. Rackeisha Newby visited the other sixth (6) grade class and gave the students a presentation about the awareness of bullying and its effects on them and their  peers, and ways each student can help to stop bullying. We discussed warning  signs that students can recognize if another student is being bullied.

    The students were informed of the importance of speaking up against bullying, how to do so, and who they can talk with for help. The students  of the Esher Primary School were very welcoming and were engaged in the information that they were learning!

    Meet the End Bullying Team at Esher Primary

    Starting  from the right we have Mrs Katrin Casserly (Chairman of the Hanover Charities), beside her is Ms. Ann-Marie Graham (motivational speaker), next to her is Mr. Odane Reid (Youth Coordinator), beside Mr Reid is Mrs. Rackeisha Newby, volunteer assistant and standing next to Mrs. Newby is Mrs Wright principal of the Esher Primary School.


    For more information about Le Antonio's End Bullying Globally initiatives, please visit our Anti-Bullying page. Your support is welcomed!


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    Benefits of Donating to End Bullying Globally - Le Antonio's Foundation

    Benefits of donating to the Le Antonio's Foundation's End Bullying Globally cause are life changing to the victims of bullying, the witnesses to bullying, the bully, the community, and the society at large.

    Le Antonio's Foundation has taken on the task to stop this aggressive harmful behavior in the early stage - in the public schools - . Violence and harmful behavior is no secret in public schools, giving silent permission to bullying which often goes undetected. The school systems are geared towards corrective behavior and discipline in violent and harmful situations that place the students in direct physical danger, and in most cases miss the root cause of the issue, or overlook the emotional damage to the children involved.

    Le Antonio's Foundation End Bulling Globally School Campaigns  

    Here is where the Le Antonio's Foundation will benefit the youths, we will place youth support groups in each school to monitor incidents leading to bullying, provide counseling, intervention, support, behavior modification, mentoring, on going awareness and other assistance as needed.

    Effects of Bullying: Bullying affects the victim as well as the witnesses and even the bully. While physical bullying is obvious, verbal bullying, isolation, emotional bullying and cyber-bullying are just as harmful, but often goes undetected. Bullying can change the life course of a young person when there is no outlet. Not every child will report that they are being bullied to an adult, the school officials, or their parents. Many times this issue will be reported by someone else (another child or friend of the victim, or relative of the victim), who may want to remain anonymous; however, they often miss the opportunity to help the victim. Their reports are often made at later stages in the victimization, when the victim has endured much damage and pain. Why is that so? This is as a result of lack of awareness to identify the signs of bullying, and lack of support groups in the schools and community to deal with the issue of bullying.

    Bullies:Many times the bullies are children who have been victims of bullying themselves and have turn their hurt into aggression, to either protect themselves, or as an outlet to release the aggression the pain has caused them. Many times the post-violence of bullying will "create" "little aggressors" who react based on their environment and exposure. There is always an emotional and psychological cause behind the action of a bully. This behavior can almost always be corrected and redirected, with love, mentoring, corrective actions, positive enforcement and intervention into the root cause of their actions. It is factual that kids who bully others can exhibit life regretful actions which may lead them into the jail or prison systems. Bullies often become drug users as adolescence and adults. They often get into fights to exhibit false "self control" (the I'm in charge syndrome), they also are known to vandalize properties and become school drop outs, while the schools miss their cry for help and non-verbally label them as bad or problem students that they would rather not deal with.

    Victims of Bullying:Victims of bullying can display hurt and fear in many ways, some students begin to isolate themselves, hiding to get away from it all physically and emotionally is a common behavior, they will exhibit anxiety, aggression, sadness, fear, agitation, sadness, changes in school patterns, changes in work patterns, changes eating patterns, loss of interest in activities in activities they once enjoyed, sleeping more than normal or not sleeping as well, sudden change in friends, drop in their grades and extra studies, skip school, miss classes, drop out of school, and even suicide.

    Witnesses of Bullying: The witnesses of bullying are also affected, they can experience anxiety, worry, sadness, fear of being next, feeling of helplessness, or can feel responsible. Some witnesses even get aggressive to stand up for the victim and become entangled in this vicious cycle where they too may experience change in their school and activity patterns; and even get bullied themselves.

    Le Antonio's Foundation's Anti-Bullying Support Groups

    With Le Antonio's Foundation's Victim Support Groups in the schools we will be able to identify the victims and provide counseling, support, intervention and elimination of the root cause of the bullying, create a stable environment for the students with love and mentoring, assistance in the areas that have been damaged or which has become difficult for the victims and or witnesses.

    The impact of bullying on society is greater than may be obvious. When bullying is not identified and corrected, bullies become misdirected adult who have no regard for authority and the law, feels rejected and reject or abuse their spouses, children, and families. They are generally low producers in the society.  The victims of bullying can often fail to mature in their full potentials while in their primary and secondary school years, therefore becoming adults who live with life long emotional scars and damages resulting in their low contribution to their society. Some victims never overcome their childhood hurt, fear, rejection, aggression, anxiety, and have difficulty moving forward as adults. Adults who were victims of childhood or adolescent bullying are often unaware that their principal issues with confrontation was left behind from their childhood spiritual and emotional disturbance. Witnesses of bullying can experience some of the same effects as the victims, and exhibit some of same effects as the bullies, and become fearful low-producers in their society.

    Le Antonio's Foundation End Bullying Globally
    initiative will not only provide ongoing education to the students in the public schools but will have an open door and hot-line for anyone to report an action of bullying or any action resembling bullying. Our campaign goes into the schools and educated the students on bullying and the effects of this action on their lives, we motivate the youths and will get them involved in taking care of each other in the prevention of bullying. They will know how to get help, where to go and who to report bullying to. All information of bullying will be thoroughly investigated by the Foundation. The End Bullying Globally initiative is a community outreach and will not only serve the schools but the youths and families living in the inner-city communities - our doors are open to our community.

    For more information or to get involved or sponsor this noble charge of anti-bullying contact us:

    POSTAL ADDRESS:        PO Box 150. Montego Bay #1, Jamaica, West Indies

    VISITING ADDRESS:     1 Barnett Lane. Montego Bay, Jamaica, West Indies
    PHONE: Office:                 1(876) 610-6962 or | 1(876) 632-3172 | 1(876) 353-1389
    Mobile/whatsapp: 1 (876) -353-1389
    To Donate to End Bullying Globally: Please visit the donate page on this blog or contact us.

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    End Bullying Globally - by- Mrs. Martha Bjørke -Le Antonio's Foundation

    We ask the question what is bullying?  Is it something good, or is it bad, is it harmful and does it affect the lives of others in a good way or in a painful way?  Its important to understand that the reason why people bully others is as a result of their need to have control over their victim.  This is not good and it destroys the life of the victim. 
    Many of those who  are being bullied are suffers of anxiety or depression.  At times people who are underweight is being bullied because they seem rather sick to look at.  Many homosexuals, lesbians and bisexuals are also victims of bullying as a result of their choice of gender.
    But what are the signs of a person being bullied?  Is it visible?  Yes, at times it is visible and other times not.  Many of those who are being bullied tend to suffer from unexplained headache, a change in their appetite, many suffer from stomach problems. Especially school children this can be a very serious and vicious circle to be in. At times teachers cannot understand why a child isolate himself or herself in class.
    The child may seem to be rather anti social, but it is far more than that. They are innocent victims of a brutality that need the eyes of an experienced person to see what really is happening in the life of the child. Psychologically, some suffers are rather irritable, sad, they tend to isolate themselves from others and some end up reaching school or the workplace late.  We need to remember that bullying takes place also in the workplace. 
    The ones who bully others in the workplace are those who is having a constant need to be seen at all times.  They have a tendency to compare themselves with others and even try to bring down others publicly. Inflicting mental and emotional pain gives them the feeling of accomplishment at the expense of the victims happiness.
    In the social world the bullies are also there.  They are the ones that gets recognition for their negative behavior.  They are the ones that are jealous. They do not have proper personal and social skills to interact with others in a positive manner.   
    But who are these bullies?  Most of them are those who feel they are complete failures. They may come from a background where they never experienced love and acceptance for who they are and feel socially rejected Maybe their family background is rather dysfunctional. They may even be those who dropped out of school and have no choice but to accept a job they never planned to accept
    These are the ones whose negative behavior is in constant competition with others.    We need to remember that some bullies lack empathy.  How others feel is the least of their interests.  Bullying is a serious matter which will not go away on its own. 
    It need guidance, and resources to take care of the situation.  We at Le Antonio Foundation is strongly against bullying and we are here to help those who are victims with our professional staff available.  In addition, we not only  help the victims,  but we help those who are inflicting others pain.  They should not be forgotten as they too needs help and guidance to correct their unacceptable behavior.