Le Antonio's Foundation End Bulling Globally Campaign & Forum 

The END BULLYING GLOBALLY CAMPAIGN & FORUM started after a student of "Le Antonio's Foundation Homework and Development Center" confided in us that he was struggling with being bullied. 

We then began interviewing the community youths about bullying and was faced with a challenge as we talked with children who are being bullied or are bullies themselves. We quickly realized that bullying is a global issue facing our youths. We knew instantly that our children need a voice, and since Le Antonio's Foundation was formed on serving humanity, we answered the challenge to be the voice of our youths facing the monster of being bullied or being a bully. The Foundation decided the best way to solve this problem is to form an education and professional network to illuminate the effects of bullying, and create structures of intervention, counseling and prevention mechanisms to support the youths that are affected by this: Thus the birth of Le Antonio's Foundation End Bullying Globally Campaign and Forum

Le Antonio's Foundation End Bulling Globally School Campaigns  

Le Antonio's Foundation has taken on the task to stop this aggressive harmful behavior in the early stage - in the public schools - . Violence and harmful behavior is no secret in public schools, giving silent permission to bullying which often goes undetected. The school systems are geared towards corrective behavior and discipline in violent and harmful situations that place the students in direct physical danger, and in most cases miss the root cause of the issue, or overlook the emotional damage to the children involved.

Anti- Bullying School Support Groups: Here is where the Le Antonio's Foundation will benefit the youths in their schools. The Foundation aims to place Anti-Bullying Youth Support hub groups in each school to monitor incidents leading to bullying, provide counseling, intervention, education, support, behavior modification, mentoring, on going awareness and other assistance as needed.

Effects of Bullying: Bullying affects the victim as well as the witnesses and even the bully. While physical bullying is obvious, verbal bullying, isolation, emotional bullying and cyber-bullying are just as harmful, but often goes undetected. Bullying can change the life course of a young person when there is no outlet. Not every child will report that they are being bullied to an adult, the school officials, or their parents. Many times this issue will be reported by someone else (another child or friend of the victim, or relative of the victim), who may want to remain anonymous; however, they often miss the opportunity to help the victim. Their reports are often made at later stages in the victimization, when the victim has endured much damage and pain. Why is that so? This is as a result of lack of awareness to identify the signs of bullying, and lack of support groups in the schools and community to deal with the issue of bullying.

Bullies: Many times the bullies are children who have been victims of bullying themselves and have turn their hurt into aggression, to either protect themselves, or as an outlet to release the aggression the pain has caused them. Many times the post-violence of bullying will "create" "little aggressors" who react based on their environment and exposure. There is always an emotional and psychological cause behind the action of a bully. This behavior can almost always be corrected and redirected, with love, mentoring, corrective actions, positive enforcement and intervention into the root cause of their actions. It is factual that kids who bully others can exhibit life regretful actions which may lead them into the jail or prison systems. Bullies often become drug users as adolescence and adults. They often get into fights to exhibit false "self control" (the I'm in charge syndrome), they also are known to vandalize properties and become school drop outs, while the schools miss their cry for help and non-verbally label them as bad or problem students that they would rather not deal with.

Victims of Bullying: Victims of bullying can display hurt and fear in many ways, some students begin to isolate themselves, hiding to get away from it all physically and emotionally is a common behavior, they will exhibit anxiety, aggression, sadness, fear, agitation, sadness, changes in school patterns, changes in work patterns, changes eating patterns, loss of interest in activities in activities they once enjoyed, sleeping more than normal or not sleeping as well, sudden change in friends, drop in their grades and extra studies, skip school, miss classes, drop out of school, and even suicide.

Witnesses of Bullying: The witnesses of bullying are also affected, they can experience anxiety, worry, sadness, fear of being next, feeling of helplessness, or can feel responsible. Some witnesses even get aggressive to stand up for the victim and become entangled in this vicious cycle where they too may experience change in their school and activity patterns; and even get bullied themselves.

How Do I Identify Bullying: Bullying is mainly a confrontational behavior of another person to impose harm and can be subtle and well as blatant; however, not every confrontation is an instance of “bullying", so we must be careful to understand the signs and nature that is common in the instances of bullying.
  • Bullying is the use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force them to do something against their will
  • Bullying can be described as an unwanted aggressive behavior towards an individual that involves a power imbalance
  • Bullying usually takes many forms and can involve physical attacks, emotional attacks and/or verbal attacks 
What is Not Bullying: Two peers having a go at each other over some contentious topic isn’t “bullying.” A non-violent disagreement is not bullying, at times a quarrel may occur and the term bullying may be thrown in, however this is not necessarily bullying.

4 Main Types of Bullying:

There are several main categories of bullying. The other, more specific types, can fall into any or all of these categories, depending on the specific situation in which the bullying is encountered.

  • Physical Bullying
This type of bullying basically involves the use of physical force. 

Physical bullying is most prevalent in schools and among community peer groups or siblings; this bullying technique may involve the spiting, shoving, kicking or even punching. In most instances, the aggressor is physically larger than the victim or may be within a group.
  • Verbal Bullying
Verbal bullying incorporates the use of words to carry out an act of bullying. 
In this type of bullying, the aggressor also known as the bully tries to verbally upset the victim through taunting and teasing. The verbal assault might focus on an individual’s appearance, lifestyle choices, intellect, skin color and even ethnicity. Most verbal bullies have a low self esteem and tend to bully others so as to increase their social standings and feel better about themselves.
  • Emotional Bullying
Also known as relational aggression, emotional bullying is the act of an aggressor attacking a victim on an emotional level. 
Emotional bullying is most common in relationships whereby, one partner might make statements or act in such a manner as to bring about distress to the other partner. Emotional bullying may also involve the spreading of rumors, excluding an individual from certain activities, refusing to talk to someone and even making statement with an intention of hurting a person’s feelings.
  • Cyber Bullying
This can happen anywhere and at any time thanks to the influx of technology both at school and at home.
Cyber bullying can occur through text messages, emails, or over the internet - mostly on social media - , and may be known only to the victim and the perpetrator, making it difficult to control. Cyber bullies are often the victims of real world bullying, and take their frustrations out on their victims behind the privacy of a computer screen or cellular phone. Their behavior may include impersonating a victim online to make others view them negatively, spreading nasty gossip, or excluding the victim online and encouraging others to join in.

 Le Antonio's Foundation's Anti-Bullying 

Support Groups

With Le Antonio's Foundation's Anti-Bullying Support Groups on the ground of schools we will be able to identify the victims and provide counseling, support, intervention and elimination of the root cause of the bullying, create a stable environment for the students with love and mentoring, assistance in the areas that have been damaged or which has become difficult for the victims and or witnesses.

The impact of bullying on society is greater than may be obvious. When bullying is not identified and corrected, bullies become misdirected adult who have no regard for authority and the law, feels rejected and reject or abuse their spouses, children, and families. They are generally low producers in the society.  The victims of bullying can often fail to mature in their full potentials while in their primary and secondary school years, therefore becoming adults who live with life long emotional scars and damages resulting in their low contribution to their society. Some victims never overcome their childhood hurt, fear, rejection, aggression, anxiety, and have difficulty moving forward as adults. Adults who were victims of childhood or adolescent bullying are often unaware that their principal issues with confrontation was left behind from their childhood spiritual and emotional disturbance. Witnesses of bullying can experience some of the same effects as the victims, and exhibit some of same effects as the bullies, and become fearful low-producers in their society.

Le Antonio's Foundation End Bullying Globally
initiative will not only provide ongoing education to the students in the public schools but will have an open door and hot-line for anyone to report an action of bullying or any action resembling bullying. Our campaign goes into the schools and educated the students on bullying and the effects of this action on their lives, we motivate the youths and will get them involved in taking care of each other in the prevention of bullying. They will know how to get help, where to go and who to report bullying to. All information of bullying will be thoroughly investigated by the Foundation. The End Bullying Globally initiative is a community outreach and will not only serve the schools but the youths and families living in the inner-city communities - our doors are open to our community.

For more information or to get involved or sponsor this noble charge of anti-bullying contact us:

POSTAL ADDRESS:        PO Box 1503. Montego Bay #1, Jamaica, West Indies
VISITING ADDRESS:     1 Barnett Lane. Montego Bay, Jamaica, West Indies
PHONE: Office:                 1(876) 610-6962 or | 1(876) 632-3172 | 1(876) 353-1389
Mobile/whatsapp: 1 (876) -353-1389

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