Saturday, 5 March 2016

End Bullying Globally - by- Mrs. Martha Bjørke -Le Antonio's Foundation

We ask the question what is bullying?  Is it something good, or is it bad, is it harmful and does it affect the lives of others in a good way or in a painful way?  Its important to understand that the reason why people bully others is as a result of their need to have control over their victim.  This is not good and it destroys the life of the victim. 
Many of those who  are being bullied are suffers of anxiety or depression.  At times people who are underweight is being bullied because they seem rather sick to look at.  Many homosexuals, lesbians and bisexuals are also victims of bullying as a result of their choice of gender.
But what are the signs of a person being bullied?  Is it visible?  Yes, at times it is visible and other times not.  Many of those who are being bullied tend to suffer from unexplained headache, a change in their appetite, many suffer from stomach problems. Especially school children this can be a very serious and vicious circle to be in. At times teachers cannot understand why a child isolate himself or herself in class.
The child may seem to be rather anti social, but it is far more than that. They are innocent victims of a brutality that need the eyes of an experienced person to see what really is happening in the life of the child. Psychologically, some suffers are rather irritable, sad, they tend to isolate themselves from others and some end up reaching school or the workplace late.  We need to remember that bullying takes place also in the workplace. 
The ones who bully others in the workplace are those who is having a constant need to be seen at all times.  They have a tendency to compare themselves with others and even try to bring down others publicly. Inflicting mental and emotional pain gives them the feeling of accomplishment at the expense of the victims happiness.
In the social world the bullies are also there.  They are the ones that gets recognition for their negative behavior.  They are the ones that are jealous. They do not have proper personal and social skills to interact with others in a positive manner.   
But who are these bullies?  Most of them are those who feel they are complete failures. They may come from a background where they never experienced love and acceptance for who they are and feel socially rejected Maybe their family background is rather dysfunctional. They may even be those who dropped out of school and have no choice but to accept a job they never planned to accept
These are the ones whose negative behavior is in constant competition with others.    We need to remember that some bullies lack empathy.  How others feel is the least of their interests.  Bullying is a serious matter which will not go away on its own. 
It need guidance, and resources to take care of the situation.  We at Le Antonio Foundation is strongly against bullying and we are here to help those who are victims with our professional staff available.  In addition, we not only  help the victims,  but we help those who are inflicting others pain.  They should not be forgotten as they too needs help and guidance to correct their unacceptable behavior.

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